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No one appreciates beautiful scenery, location, design, and interior decor more than us. We have learned through traveling on our own what most, like us, know and love; a beautiful and easy vacation property to locate, book and enjoy.

As a "blessed" family of 5, we prefer to have our vacation properties close to home, with the exception of NY, where we recently moved from, so these locations are perfect for our own family vacations as well (ADEAK are the first initials of all of our family members!).


That connection with vacationing, design and the love of sharing our joys with others has led us away from our everyday jobs into the vacation rental market. At first, it was just helping a few friends decorate a summer condo. But we had such a great time doing it, we decided to take ADEAK Luxury Vacation Rental Properties as a full-time venture. Since then, we haven't looked back, and we're looking forward to helping you find your perfect vacation rental property for your next relaxing adventure.